Nothing rejuvenates your car like a thorough cleaning. Skip the trip to the automatic car wash. Our trained professional detailers will get into every nook and cranny to make your car look and feel as clean as the day you bought it! We have been specializing in detailing cars, trucks and boats since 1987.

Detailing packages are available to suit your needs and your budget, starting from as low as $19.95. We offer services from your basic most affordable basic hand wash (pamper your car with a hand wash), to our deluxe interior and exterior detail. If our detailing packages are not exactly what you want, we can add on or remove detailing options to your specifications (see options below). Pricing and packages can be viewed from the main menu under detailing or call us for a no obligation quote.

Additional Detailing service options available include:
  • hand wash and dry
  • floor mats &/or seat shampoo
  • exterior wash and wax
  • engine shampoo
  • pet hair removal
  • low orbital polishing
  • chrome aluminum rim polishing
  • fabric protection/scotch guard
  • fine scratch removal
  • stain removal
  • head light restoration
  • excessive bug removal

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Spotless Auto Glass And Car Care Inc. Whitby offers custom auto detailing to all makes and models of automobiles and has a variety of detailing packages available to suit your needs.

Basic Hand Wash    From $19.95*

  • Exterior hand wash
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Wheels, rims and tires dressed

Economy Wash & Vacuum   From $29.95*

  • Exterior hand wash and dry
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Wheels and rims cleaned
  • Tires dressed
  • Vacuum carpets, mats, and seats

 Super Wash & Vacuum       From $59.95*

  • Exterior hand wash and dry
  • Interior and exterior window cleaned 
  • Wheels and rims cleaned, tires dressed
  • Seats, carpets and floor mats vacuumed
  • Trunk Vacuumed
  • Door Jambs cleaned
  • Door panels and pockets wiped cleaned
  • Dash & console wiped clean
  • Optional floor mats and carpets
  • shampooed (additional charge of $40.00 for cars)

Super Exterior Detail          From 129.95*

  • Exterior hand wash & dry
  • Exterior moldings dressed
  • Exterior hand wax
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Detailed cleaning of wheels and rims
  • Tires dressed

Super Interior Detail           From 149.95*
  • Exterior hand wash and dry
  • Wheels and rims cleaned, tires dressed.
  • Seats, carpets, floor mats and trunk shampooed, door jambs cleaned
  • Windows (interior & exterior) cleaned.
  • Dash console, door panels and pockets scrubbed clean and dressed.
  • Fine detailing & dressing of all vinyl, vents, dash and trim.

Deluxe Interior & Exterior  From $199.95*

  • Ultimate detailing at its best!
  • Includes all of the features from both the Super Exterior detail and the Super Interior detail at a discounted price.
  • (Purchased separately $279.90)

* Prices are for cars.  Surcharges are applicable for Vans, SUVS, and Pickups.  Surcharges may apply depending on condition of vehicle and for pet hair removal.
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